Many problems can occur on PCs which are easily repairable at home. With bigger problems you may need Tech Support. These blogs can provide informative articles and discussions on getting a PC to run smoothly without interruptions.

Tech Helpline / Your Personal Tech Support Team –

Computer Repair, Service & Support Blog. This blog was created in 2009 to provide PC users with the best advice and services. Tech Helpline is based in the USA and stands as a support call center. They started operating in 2000 as a service to members of a large trade association in the USA.

They offer exceptional technical support services to PC users.

Boxaid –

This blog was created to help PC users easily fix problems on their PCs at home. They cover articles on how to fix countless computer problems and dealing with general technical issues. Topics that are widely covered on the blog include how to boost the performance of slow computers, how to deal with error messages, and how to set up devices such as printers.

Dealing with viruses is also a helpful subject of discussion on Boxaid.

Speedster IT –

This blog is based in the UK and acts as a reliable IT Tech support helpline for any PC user. The blog only started in 2018 but is vastly growing as a popular resource for PC users. On this blog, anybody can stay up to date on the latest IT support news, tips and advice, and troubleshooting problems.

Tips and advice on Speedster IT are written by experts.


TechPCHelp specializes in many different forms of IT support. Some of the main focuses of the blog are set on Apple Support, support for devices such as printers and routers, antivirus support, and windows support.

These are some of the most popular blogs to follow on technical support and how to troubleshoot PC problems at home.

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