Many factors can determine how a PC runs games and the performance it will carry out with games. A PC needs to be set up specifically for gaming to get the best performance. Also, try registry cleaning on PC.

Updating graphics drivers is one of the most important first steps to take. Downloading the drivers is free and easy to do. To find out which graphic card drivers to get, go to ‘Device Manager’ from the taskbar.

These drivers handle the communication between hardware and software that’s working on the PC’s system, this includes games that are installed. Updating drivers as often as possible can ensure ease of use on any game.

As games have different configuration options, it’s a good idea to check the specific requirements and configuration options for the specific game. These settings can have a huge impact on how the PC runs the game.

Freeing up disk space on the PC is another easy way to get games to run more smoothly on a PC. Games handle large amounts of data. The freer disk space a PC has, the better the games will run.

computer upgrade - How to Optimize a PC for Gaming

Overlocking is another way of getting the absolute most from your graphics hardware. This can be described as pushing your hardware to its limit. Many manufacturers have different approved limits for usage on any hardware component. There are many software options to use in regard to overlocking a system.

When gaming on a laptop, running from a power source other than the built-in battery is the best option. Windows can dial down the performance settings on laptops when they are not plugged into a socket.